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(Pre-order) Blue Floral Classic
(Pre-order) Blue Floral Classic
(Pre-order) Blue Floral Classic

(Pre-order) Blue Floral Classic

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PRE-ORDER ($34):

The photos are a sample piece. You'll get one specially created for you according to your phone model. We will use the same type of leaves and flowers but the colour shades might slightly differ (i.e. light green, medium green, dark green) as these are natural elements. We will try our best to place them in the same positions but as they come in different sizes and the phone cases are of different designs too, so we'll decide what's best for you.

    Phone models
    1 week waiting time: iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X (if runs out, will be 3 weeks)

    Otherwise, all models in the table will be 3 weeks waiting time. 

    Please note that:
    • The phone case has a hard backing and soft, flexible sides that mold to your phone. 
    • I try to make the surface as smooth and glossy as possible but due to the thickness of the flowers and air bubbles, some parts might feel slightly bumpy.
    • These are handmade products, so there might be small bubbles and the edges might not be very perfect (watch our IGstory for real life videos). Rest assured, all our products sold would have to meet our high standards.
    • Although we use UV resistant resin what prevents premature yellowing, the phone cover itself will turn slightly yellow overtime as it is exposed to sunlight and the colour of the flowers/leaves might change too. This is a chemical reaction which is inevitable. As such, please keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible.