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General Enquiries

Payment and Delivery Methods

Product Care

The item I wanted is sold. Can you remake it?
Yes we can remake it, subjected to material availability. If you would like to place an order for remakes, please email us at or DM us on our Instagram, we will check for availability. Payment must be made first before item will be remade. 

Do you do customizations?
Yes, we welcome customizations! Have an idea? Just drop us an email at Include any photos or references so that we can better understand your idea. 

Do you do collaborations?
Looking for an event collaboration or sponsored collaboration? Just drop us an email at We appreciate your interest!



Stainless Steel - For all our gold and silver chains found on necklaces and earrings. For some of our earring studs. Stainless steel is anti-tarnish, anti-rust and hypoallergenic. 

Brass - For some of our earring parts. Brass darkens naturally as time goes by and while some people like the look of aged brass, you can actually polish them with a jewelry cloth to bring back the shine. 

Gold-filled - Can be requested for earring hooks. Slightly more expensive, but it is more durable as compared to gold-plated due to the thicker layer of gold alloy. The longevity of either type is dependent on wear, environment, and quality of the piece. Can be polished with a jewelry cloth if it tarnishes (but hardly will it be tarnished unless not taken care properly).

Metal alloy - Some but lesser of our pieces are made with metal alloy. Metal alloy has a shorter life span. Can be polished with a jewelry cloth.

Gold - We use 18k carat gold plating for some of our earring parts and earring studs. Can be polished with a jewelry cloth.

S925 - We use S925 silver plating for all of our earring hooks. Can be polished with a jewelry cloth.

How to polish the jewelry?
Using the polishing cloth that we will occasionally send out with orders, you can use it to polish gold, S925 silver and brass jewelry parts. To use, hold the jewelry to be cleaned firmly in one hand while carefully rubbing the cloth over all surfaces of the jewelry. This will buff the jewelry to a clean shine. When polishing your jewelry, remember not to rub the cloth on any of the resin parts, as this can dull the glossy finish of the resin. Be sure to use a new area of the cloth each time you are polishing a new piece.

Are your earrings suitable for sensitive ears?
For earrings listed with Stainless Steel studs, they are nickel-free and suitable for certain hypoallergenic skin. As sensitivity varies from people to people (each person is sensitive to different materials), we can only tell you what the material is made of and no guarantees are made. For earrings not listed with Stainless Steel studs, the backing material will be stated in the product description accordingly.  

Do you do clip-on earrings?
Yes, we do clip-on earrings for certain items. Clip-ons availability will be stated in the product description and please leave us a note when checking out. Changing to clip-ons is free of charge.